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We need your donations to help provide bedding (hammocks, blankets, sleep sacks, etc.) to ferrets and other animals in shelters across the United States and Canada. Our main focus is on ferret shelters, but we will also be making blankets and bedding for cats and small animals.

Smaller and independent shelters are often overwhelmed with animals to care for. In many cases, a large portion of a shelter's funds go towards veterinary bills and medications. Consequently, many shelters and rescues are in dire need of new bedding and basic supplies.

Our products:

Basic (open) hammock: Perfect for a pile of sleeping ferrets! Fleece on the top and a durable cotton on the bottom.

Deluxe (covered) hammock: Requires 2x the material as an open hammock, but oh so comfy. Both sides are covered with an opening in the middle. Ferrets have the option of sleeping on top or burrowing inside.

Blankets: No photos yet, but will be made out of no-pill fleece. Perfect for all types of animals.
Sleep Sacs: just like it sounds - like a sleeping bag for fuzzies. Will be made in both ferret and cat sizes.

Our products need to be extremely durable as we want them to be able to withstand wear, and last a long time. As you can see, our hammocks are 100% ferret tested and approved!


Why do we need your help? We have the time and skills to devote to making bedding, but we want to be able to provide for as many pets as possible. The money we raise will go towards buying materials (fabric, thread, clips, etc.) and shipping the final products to shelters and rescues in need.

Why not just buy beds and send them, or send money directly? Commercially made bedding is marked-up for profit. By purchasing the supplies ourselves, we can make many more beds than could otherwise be purchased with the same money.

How many beds does my contribution supply? The chart listing how many items can be made for a certain amount of money is very approximate and depends on materials available, sales, and whether or not bulk-pricing is available. These estimates are fairly approximate and conservative.

What will you do with the money? Our first goal is to be able to raise enough money to buy some fabric and start making hammocks and blankets. We currently have one sewing machine between the two of us. If we are lucky enough to raise so much money that one machine isn't enough to keep up, a second sewing machine may be purchased with these funds. If we are really (really) lucky and raise so much money that between the two of us we cannot make as much bedding as money we are raising, we may choose to either donate funds directly to shelters for veterinary bills, or we may purchase other items (food, toys, cleaning supplies) online and have them shipped to shelters. Alternately, we may seek more volunteers to help make bedding.

Which organizations will my donations be supporting? We have not yet chosen specific shelters, although our goal is to start with smaller and independent shelters and rescues which may not have access to the same levels of funding and resources as larger groups. Our focus is primarily on ferrets, but we will also be donating to cat and small animal shelters. If you run or know a group in need of bedding, feel free to contact us.

Is this a short-term campaign or an ongoing project? We are starting right now (November 2014) and would love to be shipping boxes out for the holiday! Having said that, animals have needs all year round and we would love to continue this project in order to help as many shelters and rescues as possible. We have allowed a "recurring donation" option for anyone who would prefer to donate smaller amounts on a monthly basis rather than a larger amount at once.

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